Stefan Ovesen Banke
Stefan Ovesen Banke Special Advisor & Founder

I always find it very energising to attend conferences. Conferences pose as excellent opportunities to meet with leading scientists and connect with other like-minded technology developers in diabetes research.

The Diabetes Technology Meeting held in North Bethesda, Maryland, USA was no exception. Besides meeting with many stakeholders during the conference, I also had the opportunity to witness Dr. Guido Freckmann present RSP Systems’ poster at a very well attended booth.

We are very proud of Dr Guide Freckmann’s conclusion that the proof-of-concept study showed very promising results where more than 93% of values were found in clinically acceptable zones of the Consensus Error Grid (CED) in a very realistic outpatient study set up.

We will proudly continue the development of our non-invasive glucose monitor to create a brighter future for people with diabetes.


Poster: “Measurement accuracy of a newly developed prototype system for non-invasive glucose monitoring”