Digital health is a powerful force that will transform lives. RSP Systems’ non-invasive technology enables consumers to measure critical elements of blood without pain, puncture or laboratories. 

Our mission is to make glucose-sensing so appealing and easy that we can touch the lives of virtually everyone in the world.  To further strengthen the nexus of our digital, consumer and health platform, we have added two additional members to the team:

Bo Petersson as Chief Scientific Officer leads RSP Systems’ introduction of a new category of experience-based, non-invasive monitoring of glucose and other metrics.

Claus Rømer as Quality Assurance Director heads up RSP Systems’ QA Team and ensures that the quality management system and product documentation meet regulatory requirements for FDA approval.

Bo and Claus join RSP Systems at a pivotal point of acceleration and commercialization. RSP Systems will leverage their expertise and knowledge to expand the possibilities of digital health and they are major assets for the upcoming phase of growth.